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The completed Douglas Fir post and beam frame in the Moonlight

Constructing A Dining Hall With New & Reclaimed Timber

By Sandy Connolly on October 31, 2013

Sunny 95 is a dining hall in Arlington, OH. The timber frame for this project was constructed using new timber and reclaimed timber.  The new portion of the frame was handcrafted in our shop. We worked with R. W. Setterlin & the Timber Framer’s Guild on this project. Timber Frame Raising The picture […]

Autumn & Public Timber Frames in VT

Autumn & Public Timber Frames in VT

By Sandy Connolly on October 29, 2013

Listening to the weather forecast this morning, snow flurries? Really?  Yes, AND since Killington Mountain is already open for the fabulous skiing season, let’s take a moment to celebrate another wonderful season in Vermont.  Autumn or Fall, which do you call it? This tree is so pretty it stops traffic […]

Hand Hewn Beams in Barn Style Home Kitchen. Jupiter Barn Kitchen

Decorating A Timber Frame Home

By Sandy Connolly on October 26, 2013

You have chosen a timber frame for your new space.  Hooray!  Now let’s talk about more fun stuff, like decorating your timber frame home. For this post, I’d like to talk about three decor elements:  Flooring, Lighting and the Kitchen Cabinetry. Imagine exposed timber beams throughout your home, perhaps an […]

Deer Lake Dining Hall

My (Sandy) Favorite Vermont Timber Works Frames

By Sandy Connolly on October 24, 2013

Let’s explore a few of my personal favorite projects, of which I have many.  This may need to become a series…we will see. 1st is our Deer Lake Boy Scout Camp.  A Traditional Timber Frame Design. My next choice is not so traditional. Night Pasture Farm is a timber frame […]

Power Tools

Power Tools

By Derek Folsom on October 22, 2013

I recently had a gentleman ask me what brand of power tools we use the most. My immediate answer was Makita. Then I thought, well, maybe I should go into the shop and look. Sure enough, as I walk through the shop I see that almost all of our tools […]

House on the Lake

Elegant Timber Home On The Lake

By Sandy Connolly on October 21, 2013

This project we call House on the Lake. We should have called it House almost IN the Lake, it’s that close! This is one of our most elegant timber frame projects to date. It has graceful glulaminated arches and warm, rich douglas fir timber. Our crew doesn’t alway raise the […]

Pine And Hemlock Timber Frame in the Vermont Veterans Chapel

A Visit to our Veterans Chapel

By Sandy Connolly on October 18, 2013

My family and I recently stopped in for a quick visit at the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery. They say foliage is past it’s peak, but I can tell you it was still quite beautiful. The cemetery grounds are so well kept and the view down into the valley is breathtaking. […]

Complex joinery in a timber frame workout room made from rough sawn white pine

The Aging Process Of Timber

By Sue Baldwin on October 17, 2013

When you purchase a new timber structure and all of the beams finally go into place, the finished product is so beautiful that you can’t stop admiring it.  Every piece of timber seems so perfect, with the exception of a few knots, which give it character, or some different shading […]

Interior of Eberhart Barn, Gambrel Barn with Rough sawn Hemlock

Rough Sawn Hemlock–the Unsung Hero of Timber Framing

By Mike McLaine on October 15, 2013

Here in New England we have a number of species of trees in our forests, which is why we have such spectacular foliage. One of my personal favorite trees is the Eastern hemlock, Tsuga canadensis, a coniferous water-loving species.  Hemlock is one of the species we recommend for a number […]

VTW T-Shirts

Hybrid Timber Framing

By Sandy Connolly on October 14, 2013

Sometimes a hybrid timber frame is exactly what a client needs to keep a project in budget. The new Badger factory is a wonderful example of this very situation. Vermont Timber Works provided a douglas fir timber frame that is an addition to the builders conventional framing. The frame creates the […]

Photo by Gate Pratt of CWB Architects

Custom Timber Porch & Entry For A New England Home

By Sandy Connolly on October 10, 2013

The owners of this home in Darien, CT did a high-end remodel and added an addition. Vermont Timber Works’ role in the project was to design, cut, finish, and assemble rough sawn, white oak timbers for the porch and the entry area. The timbers are lightly hewn to create a […]

Timber Framing with Steel Joinery

Timber Framing with Steel Joinery

By Mike McLaine on October 08, 2013

We love timber framing–that’s why we do what we do.  What really makes a timber frame come together?  It comes down to how the pieces are connected, what we call joinery.  And there are a number of options when it comes to the type of joinery, including steel joinery, traditional […]

Verdi Residence

Country Residence With Decorative Timber

By Sandy Connolly on October 07, 2013

This project is located in Ludlow, VT and features decorative timber frame accents. The home isn’t quite finished in the pictures below, but you can tell the owners have good reason to look forward to moving day! This house goes on and on, but what I’d like to share with […]

Looking through the timbers

Pretty Post & Beam Boathouse

By Sandy Connolly on October 03, 2013

We recently worked to build a boat house on Lake Sunapee. It was a fun project. The frame design needed to be strong enough for a boat lift, and of course handsome. As an interesting side note, permits are not being given out for boathouses on the lake currently, but […]

Truss Assembly

Timber Framing in Central America

By Mike McLaine on October 01, 2013

We were recently contracted to design the timber frame for a resort in Central America.  The project was fairly complex due to the building’s proximity to the ocean, the area’s seismic activity, and the function of the building.  The design, with hipped trusses, also added to the complexity of the […]

Post & Beam Progress at Jay Peak Resort

Post & Beam Progress at Jay Peak Resort

By Sandy Connolly on October 01, 2013

The timber frame structures for Jay Peak Resort are coming along! We are very happy to be doing commercial timber frame work in the North Country. Thank you DEW Construction for choosing us once again. The ticket counter features douglas fir timber rafters with bracing for roof support. Below, is […]

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