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Paul Barn Napa California Barn and Recreation Center Construction Progress

Timber Frames in California

By Caitlin on February 13, 2020

  California is a great state for timber frames. There’s beautiful scenery, mountains, the ocean, vineyards, sunsets, and warm weather perfect for enjoying the outdoors. California combines the rustic, warm beauty of the West and the high-end elegance of the rich and famous. It’s a place of duality. Timber frames […]

The Pole Barn vs The Timber Frame Barn

The Pole Barn vs The Timber Frame Barn

By Caitlin on May 29, 2019

People often call us asking for Post and Beam Barns, Pole Barns, or Timber Frame Barns, oftentimes using the terms interchangeably. While it’s understandable how people could get all the terms mixed up or think they were the same thing, today we’re going to break down the differences between the […]

Barn Door. Rich Barn

Basic Barn Styles

By Caitlin on November 21, 2017

When people come to us looking for a Timber Frame Barn, often times they aren’t fully aware of all the different styles of barns that they can choose from. Today, we’re going to look at 4 basic styles of barns. Obviously, there are many more styles and variations out there, […]

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