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Paul Barn Napa California Barn and Recreation Center Construction Progress

Timber Frames in California

By Caitlin on February 13, 2020

  California is a great state for timber frames. There’s beautiful scenery, mountains, the ocean, vineyards, sunsets, and warm weather perfect for enjoying the outdoors. California combines the rustic, warm beauty of the West and the high-end elegance of the rich and famous. It’s a place of duality. Timber frames […]

Sundial ski Lodge

Preparing For Winter: Insulating & Weatherizing Your Timber Frame Home

By Caitlin on November 14, 2017

The winters in Vermont can be harsh. So Vermont Timber Works understands how important proper and efficient insulation is. Today we’re going to talk about the insulation that we prefer to use in our Timber frames, as well as other insulation options and weatherization techniques that will keep your home […]

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