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Arched Hammer Beams Against A White Plaster Wall

Historic Reconstructions: Continuing the Timber Frame Tradition

By Caitlin on February 28, 2020

Timber Framing is a historical building method that has existed in Europe and Japan for hundreds of years. Because of this, Vermont Timber Works is sometimes called upon to assist in the historical reconstruction or rehabilitation of historical timber frame buildings. We have also built on additions to historical buildings […]

Timber Frame King Post Trusses with black steel plates in a pavilion at the Bechtel Summit home of the National Boy Scout Jamboree

Building With Wood vs Steel

By Caitlin on February 21, 2020

  Most people don’t consider steel when thinking about building a home. But for people building a barn or commercial space, they first have to decide whether they’re going to build with steel or wood. Today we’re going to go over some of the considerations for both building materials.   […]

Timber frame pavilion at the Bechtel Summit in West Virginia home of the National Boy Scout Jamboree, leadership training, and Adventure Camp.

The Importance of the Peg

By Caitlin on February 13, 2020

Today I thought we’d take a closer look at the Pegs that are used to secure the connections of our Timber Frames.     When using traditional joinery to make connections in a Timber Frame, the pegs are there to stabilize the connections and keep them secure.     Unlike […]

Paul Barn Napa California Barn and Recreation Center Construction Progress

Timber Frames in California

By Caitlin on February 13, 2020

  California is a great state for timber frames. There’s beautiful scenery, mountains, the ocean, vineyards, sunsets, and warm weather perfect for enjoying the outdoors. California combines the rustic, warm beauty of the West and the high-end elegance of the rich and famous. It’s a place of duality. Timber frames […]

Solar Powered Factory

Rebuilding Vermont Timber Works

By Caitlin on February 11, 2020

On Saturday evening, September 21st, 2019, Vermont Timber Works suffered a devastating fire. Even though fire crews battled the blaze for hours, the whole building and everything in it ended up being destroyed. It is believed the fire was started when rags soaked in stain and sawdust in a dumpster […]

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