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We are proud of our work and love to show it off. Please take some time to browse our blog. Thanks for visiting!

Timber Frame Project Start to Finish: St. Andrew's Church

Timber Frame Project Start to Finish: St. Andrew’s Church

By Derek Folsom on April 24, 2015

Over the next several weeks I’ll be taking you through the timber framing process from start to finish, the way that Vermont Timber Works does it.  These blogs should help give an idea of what goes into the design, materials, engineering, fabrication, and erection.  I’m starting the series with St. […]

Balcony overlooking the Altar in the Chapel For Holy Apostles Church

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#1

By Mike McLaine on April 03, 2015

Here is the moment you have all been awaiting:  the #1 coolest timber frame (in my estimation) that Vermont Timber Works has built:  the Chapel at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, CT.  This frame consists of the main chapel area (which is a 60′ clear span octagon), a […]

Exterior of the Barn Style Souther Vermont Welcome Center

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#2

By Mike McLaine on March 27, 2015

Here we are, spring has sprung, and the maple buckets are filling faster than we can empty them.  That last sentence might be a bit misleading because most maple producers use lines instead of buckets, but I’m a little old-fashioned and I still use buckets in my sugar bush.  Vermont […]

Night Pasture Farm Timber Frame House at Night

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#3

By Mike McLaine on March 20, 2015

The first day of spring has arrived!  Well at least by the calendar it has; the thermometer at my house was 14 degrees this morning, which is not exactly the warmest spring weather.  But here in Vermont we are prepared for another two months of killing frosts; we typically don’t […]

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)--#4

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#4

By Mike McLaine on March 13, 2015

Well, another week of New England winter has passed by, the clocks have sprung forward (did you remember to change the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms?), and the evenings are getting longer.  Up here in Vermont everyone is talking about how many trees they tapped, how many gallons […]

Exterior of the Badger Balm Factory in Gilsum, NH

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#5

By Mike McLaine on March 06, 2015

Up here in Vermont it has finally started to show signs of spring, subtle though those signs may be.  Town meeting has come and gone, snowbanks are melting, roofs are clearing, and the days are longer and warmer.  I have definitely accepted the fact that Vermont and the rest of […]

Trans B Bethlehem Monastery

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#6

By Mike McLaine on February 27, 2015

It is the end of another brutally cold New England week, and along with the massive amount of snow we’ve had and the frozen seas off of Nantucket I have been glad that I am in the office not too far from the pellet stove. Browsing through our library of […]

Sun rise through the barn door

Top Ten Coolest Timber Frames by VTW (according to Mike)–#7

By Mike McLaine on February 20, 2015

Well it’s been a couple of snowy, cold weeks in Vermont.  When I woke up on Monday it was -15 degrees.  That’s minus, i.e. below zero.  I don’t think that even registers in Kelvin or Celsius.  It was, as we like to say in Vermont, as cold as…well let’s just […]

What's a tree doing up there?

What’s a tree doing up there?

By Derek Folsom on February 09, 2015

Have you ever been driving by a construction site and thought to yourself, “Why is there a tree on top of that building? It seems like a very odd time to be celebrating Christmas? Furthermore, why would they go through the trouble to get it up there, they’re just going […]

The Solar Field

The Solar Field

By Sandy Connolly on February 09, 2015

Vermont Timber Works has taken the leap. We went solar! We filed project permits on October 17th and by December 30th we were powered on by the sun.  The goal was to become a functioning solar powered timber frame factory by the end of 2014.  It happened, thanks to a […]

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