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We are proud of our work and love to show it off. Please take some time to browse our blog. Thanks for visiting!

The Old Mill Museum

5 Timber Frame Structures That Are Haunted!

By Caitlin on October 31, 2017

In honor of Halloween, today Vermont Timber Works takes a look at 5 Timber Frame Structures from around the world that are haunted!     The Fairbanks House in Dedham, MA The Fairbanks House in Dedham, Massachusetts was built between 1637 and 1641 making it the oldest Timber Frame Home […]

Interior Kitchen and Living room of a Barn Style home in NH

Open Concept Living: Why Great Rooms Are So Great!

By Caitlin on October 25, 2017

Within the last ten years, the idea of the open concept floor plan has come to reign supreme in home design. People can’t seem to get enough of large, open rooms that serve a variety of functions instead of having compartmentalized rooms each with an individual purpose. In the Timber […]

Interior of a Heavy Timber Frame Dining Hall for a Boy Scout Camp in CT

5 Details That Make Your Timber Frame Home Unique!

By Caitlin on October 18, 2017

Ideas and Inspiration for designing and decorating your custom Timber Frame Home!     Windows Windows are the eyes of the house. They let in light, and allow the view of a home’s natural surroundings to inform the feelings inside. There are many interesting window options that look especially unique […]

Reclaimed Oak in the workshop

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Reclaimed Wood

By Caitlin on October 10, 2017

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Reclaimed Wood   Reclaimed wood is lumber that has been rescued from antique barns, factories, mills, and sometimes even old fences or wine barrels. Vintage wood has had a huge surge in popularity in the last few years, and rightly so. Antique timber […]

Exterior beams with stone post bases on the porch of the Night Pasture Farm in Chelsea, VT

Rot in Heavy Timber Columns

By Doug Friant on April 12, 2017

    This heavy timber column looks terrific after 20 years of use, but there is a serious design problem with the stone surround. The column base is actually a stone veneer built on plywood and sealed at the top. Water was able to seep into the buildup, even after […]

5 Cozy Timber Lodges

5 Cozy Timber Lodges

By Margaux Friant on January 26, 2017

It’s been a pretty mild winter, but there’s bound to be another snow storm soon and this post is for when it comes. Sometimes the best way to appreciate the cold weather is somewhere inside, with big comfy couches and a warm-feeling place to lounge. So, in preparation for the […]

Children Visit from St. Michael's

Students From St. Michael’s School Tour Our Timber Shop

By Margaux Friant on January 02, 2017

Students From St. Michael’s School Tour Our Timber Shop We recently teamed up with St. Michael’s school in CT to build a church timber frame. The frame is going to replace one that was originally built in 1861 that had an addition added to it in 1867. Unfortunately, the original […]

Red Steel tie rod in a cidery

How To Incorporate Steel In A Timber Frame

By Margaux Friant on September 05, 2016

How To Incorporate Steel In A Timber Frame This post is for people interested in timber frames that incorporate steel. The decision of whether or not to use steel in a frame is made during the conceptualization & design process. Timber frames with wide-spanning trusses, hammer beam trusses, or softer woods […]

Timber Frame with steel plates in the educational coastal conservation center in New Hampshire

Public Timber Frames You Can Visit In New England

By Margaux Friant on August 19, 2016

Public Timber Frames You Can Visit In New England We often have people ask if they can see one of our timber frames in person. Our answer to that is absolutely! There are Vermont Timber Works timber frames scattered throughout the country and we’ve worked with great people over the […]

Timber Details & Customizing A Frame

Timber Details & Customizing A Frame

By Margaux Friant on May 25, 2016

Do you ever look at a timber frame and think to yourself, “I love that one,” but you’re not fully sure what you love about that frame in particular? Well, that’s why I wrote this post. It lays out some of the different ways timber can be detailed to make […]

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