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We are proud of our work and love to show it off. Please take some time to browse our blog. Thanks for visiting!

Fall foliage

October in Vermont

By Sandy Connolly on October 25, 2015

October in Vermont is all about peak foliage, apple picking, cooler temps, parties and getting ready for winter. Who agrees? This time of year is a great time to visit our beautiful state! Peak Foliage It’s hard to know what to expect for weather – this October has been quite […]

Safari Timberframe

Amusement Park Timber Framing

By Derek Folsom on August 13, 2015

If you’ve visited Six Flags in New Jersey in the past couple of years, you probably haven’t had enough time to admire the phenomenal timbers that are located at the Camp Adventura load platform, or the store, or the Safari Station.  It’s okay if you were distracted. I understand it’s […]

Post and Beam Joinery on a Timber Storage Shed

Timber Framing vs. Post and Beam Construction

By Derek Folsom on July 23, 2015

Timber Framing vs Post and Beam Construction Something that is commonly confused is the difference between timber framing and post and beam construction.   The major difference, really the only difference, is the type of joinery that is used.  A timber framed building uses traditional joinery, like mortise and tenon, […]

Power tools used for timber framing or post and beam construction

Tools of the Timber Trade: The Wire Wheel

By Derek Folsom on July 08, 2015

To finish the Tools of the Timber Trade series, I would like to visit one of the unsung heroes of timber fabrication, the Wire Wheel and Angled Grinder. Every tool that we have visited in the past couple of weeks is used to make the traditional joints that we cut […]

Beam saw used for timber framing.

Tools of the Timber Trade: 16″ Circular Saw

By Derek Folsom on July 02, 2015

Over the past couple weeks in our Tools of the  Timber Trade blog series, we have traveled to the Chain Mortise world, we walked down the Maebiki Oga saw trail, and we sauntered through chisel land. Today we will navigate one of the big hitters; the 16″ circular saw, which […]

Tools of the Timber Trade:  The Chisel

Tools of the Timber Trade: The Chisel

By Derek Folsom on June 25, 2015

The chisel is one of the earliest created tools. Man (or some form of man) has been using tools for the past 2.6 million years, which, when taken at face value, were stones that were chipped/broken to create sharp edges.  These tools were categorized by Mary Leakey, a British paleoanthropologist.  […]

Hand Tools

Tools of the Timber Trade: Maebiki Oga

By Derek Folsom on June 18, 2015

Today our timber framing tool journey takes us to Japan where we will discuss the Maebiki Oga saw, or as the English call it “The Whale Back Saw”.  Below you will see a photo of Dan Devine, our resident “Tool Guru” using his personal Oga saw. According to Amemiya-Daiku, a […]

Tools of the Timber Trade: Chain Mortiser

Tools of the Timber Trade: Chain Mortiser

By Derek Folsom on June 11, 2015

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be showing you some of the tools that are particular to the timber framing industry.  One of the Vermont Timber Works pillars is that we hand cut all of our timber frames. This certainly isn’t the easiest way to fabricate, but it is […]

Timbers and Stonework

Timbers and Stonework

By Sandy Connolly on June 02, 2015

This post covers different ways stone can be incorporated into a timber frame design. First, imagine a fabulous stonework foundation facade that is also incorporated into the post base design. Can you picture it? Viola! The masonry stonework doesn’t actually support the timber posts, but the design makes it look like […]

White Entry Canopy with king post trusses at Fuller Hall at the Vermont Academy school made with douglas fir

Timber Truss Designs

By Sandy Connolly on May 19, 2015

Heavy timber trusses are absolutely meant to be seen, and in many cases, they are also holding up the roof! Before we ask you which one is your favorite, let’s explore a few options to find out which structural timber truss design would be best suited for your project.  Ready? In […]

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