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The Time Frame of a VTW Timber Frame

The Time Frame of a VTW Timber Frame

By Caitlin on June 21, 2018

Our clients often wonder how long the timber frame process will take, starting from the time they sign their contract […]

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8 Parks with Timber Frames You Should Visit This Summer

8 Parks You Should Visit This Summer

By Caitlin on June 07, 2018

Since we’re approaching the official start of summer, I thought it would be nice to look back at some of […]

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Log Cabin, Post and Beam and Timber Frame Home Differences Blog Post

The Log Cabin, Post and Beam, and Timber Frame Home: What’s the Difference?

By Caitlin on May 31, 2018

Today I thought it would be helpful to look at some of the similarities and differences between Timber Frame Homes, […]

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Barn Kits vs. Timber Frame Package: What is the difference and which is best for your project?

Barn Kit vs. Timber Frame Package

By Caitlin on May 18, 2018

Sometimes when new clients call us about a potential project they have questions about Barn Kits, if we provide them, […]

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The Difference Between a Timber Framed Home & a Conventionally Framed Home

The Difference Between Building a Timber Framed Home and a Conventionally Framed Home

By Caitlin on May 11, 2018

Most people who are interested in building a custom home are already somewhat well-versed in the building process and what […]

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How Much Does A Timber Frame Cost Blog Post

How Much Does A Timber Frame Cost?

By Caitlin on May 03, 2018

People ask us this question more than any other, and we thought it’d be helpful to address the question of […]

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Common Questions about VTW answered on our blog.

Commonly Asked Questions At Vermont Timber Works

By Caitlin on April 19, 2018

  Today I thought it might be helpful to answer some of the more common questions we get at Vermont […]

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Springtime at VTW. What's new this spring.

Springtime at Vermont Timber Works

By Caitlin on April 05, 2018

It might not feel like it’s exactly springtime here in Vermont, but whether you notice it or not, the days […]

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Timber Framing with a Vermont Business on the Vermont Timber Works Blog.

Timber Framing With A Vermont Business

By Margaux Friant on March 29, 2018

Vermont Timber Works, as the name implies, is a Vermont based business. It was founded in Vermont in 1987 and […]

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A look at a few of our favorite timber frame projects in Vermont

Looking Back at a Few of Our Favorite Local Projects

By Caitlin on March 22, 2018

    While Vermont Timber Works enjoys being able to build Timber Frames all over the country (and sometimes internationally!), […]

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Blog Post on building with weathered beams at Vermont Timber Works

Weathered Beams

By Caitlin on March 15, 2018

Today we’ll take a more in-depth look at weathered beams, the process, the look, and some examples. Weathering is an […]

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What Wood Species Should I Build With?

What Wood Species Should I Build With?

By Caitlin on March 01, 2018

When you start to plan your Timber Frame project, one of the biggest questions you’ll have to answer is what […]

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Timber Checking in Building and Timber Framing at Vermont Timber Works

Timber Checking

By Caitlin on February 22, 2018

  Wood is a natural material prone to change and variation. Like people, no two trees are exactly the same, […]

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Using Solar Power at Vermont Timber Works

Solar Power at Vermont Timber Works

By Caitlin on January 11, 2018

  Did you know that since 2015 our shop has been powered completely by solar energy? In October 2014, we […]

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Basic Truss Styles Blog Post

Basic Truss Styles

By Caitlin on January 05, 2018

The Truss is the heart of the timber frame and is functional as well as decorative. Our clients can choose […]

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Traditional Joints Used in Timber Framing Blog Post

Traditional Joints Used in Timber Framing

By Caitlin on December 14, 2017

  In this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the Traditional Joinery Methods we use for our […]

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Honoring the Timber Framing Tradition

Honoring The Timber Framing Tradition

By Caitlin on November 28, 2017

Today we’re going to talk about why Vermont Timber Works stays true to the traditional way of creating Timber Frames, […]

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Preparing for Winter: Insulating & Weatherizing your timber frame home

Preparing For Winter: Insulating & Weatherizing Your Timber Frame Home

By Caitlin on November 14, 2017

The winters in Vermont can be harsh. So Vermont Timber Works understands how important proper and efficient insulation is. Today […]

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Glulam vs. Solid Beams: Which is best for your project? Blog Post

Glulam vs. Solid Beams: Which Is Best For Your Project?

By Caitlin on November 07, 2017

Customers often ask us about using Glulam in their building projects and want to know how this material differs from […]

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5 Timber Frame Structures that are Haunted Blog Post

5 Timber Frame Structures That Are Haunted!

By Caitlin on October 31, 2017

In honor of Halloween, today Vermont Timber Works takes a look at 5 Timber Frame Structures from around the world […]

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Open Concept Living: Why Great Rooms are so Great Blog Post

Open Concept Living: Why Great Rooms Are So Great!

By Caitlin on October 25, 2017

  Within the last ten years, the idea of the open concept floor plan has come to reign supreme in […]

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5 Details that make your timber frame home unique

5 Details That Make Your Timber Frame Home Unique!

By Caitlin on October 18, 2017

Ideas and Inspiration for designing and decorating your custom Timber Frame Home!     Windows Windows are the eyes of […]

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Rotten Timber Column

Rot in Heavy Timber Columns

By Doug Friant on April 12, 2017

  This heavy timber column looks terrific after 20 years of use, but there is a serious design problem with […]

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